Forum Architect Corporation

Why hire us?

To ensure that your building project is successful, consult us, the architects, before you build.
Whether you are building a church, a commercial development, a new home, or just planning some renovations, we bring value to your project by taking care of your expectations and ensuring quality. We have training and experience to consider every aspect of the project from design to completion, providing valuable professional services from start to finish.


While our design skills as architects are usually well recognized, we also have extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of the construction process. We handle site analysis, building code issues, technical documentation, municipal approvals and contracts. We create lively interiors and design with consideration for health, fire safety and space planning. We assist you before the project is well defined. We assess the potential of your site, the value of existing structures, the feasibility of renovations and additions and the proper image for your business. We can also assist you in the finishing details of your project such as designing the interiors and selecting furniture.

It is your money:

We develop creative and feasible design solutions, ensure design effectiveness, and help you select the best design options to give your project the most value for its construction budget.

Working on your behalf:

We coordinate all the professional consultants required to complete your project, and
act on your behalf throughout the construction process. We make periodic site visits to review the progress and quality of the contractors’ work and submit reports directly to you. Our services continue after the plans have been developed and building permits obtained. By the time you begin construction, a large amount of time and effort have been invested to develop the best possible building design. Continuing our full services on a project through to completion protects your investment. You can rely on our expertise to give direction and handle the unexpected during the construction phase. While the municipal building inspector and the contractor, each have important jobs to do, the architect acts on your behalf and in your best interest.
We provide excellent value for our fees, which represents only a small portion of the overall construction cost and yet by developing an effective design matching your needs, and monitoring the quality and care in its execution, we enhance the return value you receive from your investment.

The scope of work:

Once you have selected us as your architect, we establish the basic understanding in key areas; discuss the nature and scope of your project in detail, its size, your personal feelings about it; your expectations and objectives.

Preliminary design:

Design is a dynamic three-phase process. During the 'schematic design' stage we begin by preparing preliminary design sketches to explore and illustrate possible options.
This is the time when changes should be made until we reach agreement on the best design approach in terms of site planning, function, quality, cost and aesthetics.

Design development:

The 'design development' stage refines the agreed upon schematic design for a clear definition of the scope and quality of the finished project. Further cost projections determine how closely the design conforms to budget expectations.

Construction documents:

When the design concepts are approved, we prepare construction documents; working drawings and specifications, required to obtain building permits and contractors’ bids.  

Construction stage:

We advise you on your choice of contractor; calling for competitive bids and comparing the submissions. When the choice is made you and the selected contractor sign the contract.
During the construction, our regular site visits ensure that the construction is proceeding in general accordance with the contract documents and the building code, and the design, materials and workmanship meet the standards and specifications. We provide you with regular progress reports, authorize staged payments to contractors and remain involved until the successful completion.